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I got an article published today at The editor, Kate, even commented on how informative it was! Yeh!
I was really excited about an article I submitted to Mothering magazine a month ago. But I got an email yesterday from the editor (who is so so nice) and said they did not have room at this time for my article. It was actually a really nice rejection!! Today I submitted that article to another magazine, which is a better fit for the piece than Mothering. Keeping my fingers crossed (as always).
I got two more rejections today. But I'm still enthralled by my first payment, so this has not bothered me overly much. Still stings, but not so bad.
Today I got paid my first payment ever as a freelance writer. So excited! Only $15, but it means the world to me. Woohoo!
Received an email from a major parenting magazine. She never recd my article via snail mail and asked me to email to her. I did so and am waiting with bated breath, really hoping to hear back from her today. Probably not, b
I worked really hard on an article last night, one about planning a Christmas dinner on a budget. Finally saw it published on the site today. So awesome!
Now, today I am planning to complete a paranormal romance novella to be published by an e-publisher as an e-book. Wish me luck!
I still have not heard from any editors either yesterday or today. I did finish up one article and submitted it an online women's magazine. Emailed one editor to see the status of my article I submitted. Other than that, nothing. Really, I have no p
I received an email today from Gary, editor at The Dollar Stretcher. He wants to use my article on how to use the dollar store and discount stores to save money throughout the year in a future issue. No pay, but hey being published is being published. Anyway, I have other articles under consideration for paying publications. Still waiting to hear back from them though! Honestly, waiting is the WORST part of freelance writing for magazines!
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    I am a SAHM to a beautiful 17 month old daughter and wife to the best husband in the world. I write all the time! Poems, articles, short stories and novels. I've been writing since I was 11 years old.


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