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I got an article published today at The editor, Kate, even commented on how informative it was! Yeh!


Luann White
02/22/2010 14:53

I just read one of your articles. I thought it was really good. I have thought about doing some writing, but have not had the guts. As they say Go Girl! Keep at it. I wish you luck. Remember one step at a time! On March 1st, I will take the dive and co/open a used funiture store with my niece. It is scarry, but like I said one step at a time. It will be called Timeless used furniture and eclectics. I hope to eventually have a web site where I write articles on restoring used furniture. Later possible videos on EHow or UTube. I found very few videos when I went searching. I again wish you luck and remember do not get discouraged, god gave you the talent and he wants you to use it.
I heard a quote once that said, "When I die I hope I have used up all the talents god gave me."
Thoughts to you, luann at

02/22/2010 15:02

Oh Luann! You brightened my day with your comment and thoughtfulness! Thanks so much for your kind words and support. And I wish you much much luck in your venture with your niece come March. Good luck and prosperity!


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